Re: Faulty Ecoflex 15

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

I'm not sure this issue is limited to Ecoflex 15. I found a 10m chunk of H100 with N connectors at each end was showing much more loss at 23cm than its spec. I even took the connectors off and put it in a vacuum chamber to make sure it was dry but it made no difference. I cut two more pieces (15m and 20m respectively) off the same drum and found the loss per metre was not at all consistent and was always worse than the spec. I was measuring the loss by putting the sections in line with my 23cm ant and measuring power before and after the inserted section so it could be that the power meter was confused by any small changes in VSWR or something. Friends using W103 did similar tests and also concluded the loss was significantly higher than the spec. We never reached any concrete explanation.....

73, Phil. G3TCU

On 08/12/2013 19:46, Eddie G0EHV wrote:

Hello John,
Why am I not surprised at your measurements.........
I have a similar issue with an 8 metre length. In good condition, never been used outside, as new. Correct compression N connectors.
Measured with VNA -
Loss at 1296  = 6.18dB i.e. 0.77 dB/Metre
Loss at 432 = 1.7dB i.e. 0.21 dB/Metre
It was re-tested at the GM Microwave event and the loss was 8dB, i.e. 1 dB/Metre. In the same ball park as the original tests.
When the cable was originally tested by M0DTS with the VNA, he also tested his 6 metre length.
Results were better but not to spec.
Loss at 1296  = 2.84dB i.e. 0.47 dB/Metre
Loss at 432 = 0.73dB i.e. 0.122 dB/Metre
Neither of us has used the cable since.
I wonder how many others are using the same cable without knowing the loss?
Hope this helps,
From: g4bao
Sent: Sunday, December 8, 2013 5:32 PM
Subject: [ukmicrowaves] Faulty Ecoflex 15

I have an approx 30m length of Ecoflex 15 (NOT Plus) terminated in a solder PL259 and a Solder N Male. 
The spec suggests a loss of 0.6dB @50MHz , 0.75@144MHz, 1.9@432 and 3@1296.
My HP VNA measures 1.0 dB@50MHz , 2@144MHz, 4@432 and 9dB@1296..
Clearly something is wrong!
I've carefully re terminated it and there are no obvious dents or damage. The DC loop resistance measures spot on and the Capacitance /m measures 70pf against a spec of 77pF/m. The return loss is typically >25 dB up to about 400MHz and worst at 15 dB at 1296.
Has anyone else seen dodgy Ecoflex producing results like this? I'll probably have to chuck it, but I'm just curious what has happened to it and whether this is common?

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