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Have you looked at RS Designspark? I've just downloaded it and checked that it imports DXF and outputs Gerber so it should do what you want, I'm not a PCB designerr so please let us know if it does what you need, it's free for any purpose.

Beware of the activation process, it tells you it'll email the activation code but it actually shows it on the web page with an email button next to it, I sat waiting for 5 minutes before looking further down the page!



On 4 November 2013 17:11, Conrad Farlow <conrad@...> wrote:

Hello all I have a number of DXF files that I would like to convert into
gerber/drill files. I have a method but it involves using ADS at work
and I'd much rather have a home solution.

I have found that LinkCAD does a great job but costs $1400! Surely there
must be a way of doing this on the cheap. All of the PCB vendors prefer

Does anyone have a free or cheap way of converting 2D DXF files to
gerber files?




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