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Mike Willis

I was thinking something like the Comstar ST10, SAMI SI-10 but there are others. The well known makes Sami, Orbitron KTI etc appear to have disappeared in the last 5 years or so. E.g. have the SX-10 for $399 or $450 with a polar mount, UPS shippable. I suspect that is an old page nut it could be NOS. There is also a KTI dish for $650 on the same site.

You can easily buy 3m dishes in the UK but they tend to be solid and expensive, nobody seems to sell lightweight 10ft c-band mesh dishes like you still see all over the mid-US in those remote places without cable and only country music on the radio. There are plenty available from China but that's a bit of a risk. From the US the prices seem to have gone up a bit, more like $600-$800 for a new 10ft dish with polar mount.

There are quite a few places in Europe where expats want to receive freesat, 9H, SV9, ZB2, EA8, CT3 etc. where you see lots of large dishes. I saw one advertised for sale in Cyprus for €160 a few weeks back, but to go to Cyprus to disassemble and then ship isn't practical.


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There might be interest from the radio astronomy fraternity.  Do you have a particular supplier in mind?

Paul G4CSD

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I have a 3m dish I obtained from Sam and its in good condition but some things, specifically the hub spacer are in need of repair before I can use it. I am intending to hang on to it but I was researching for spare parts and that showed up that you can still buy C/X band 10ft mesh dishes (and larger) new in the US. I was tempted, the prices are very reasonable - about $400 as I recall, but the problem is shipping one isn't economic. If there was enough demand shipping could be combined.


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I am hoping to become active on 23cms EME next year and I'm looking for a dish. Because of the site and the fact that I cannot site the dish at ground level I am going to limit the size to 3m. I'd like one of the RF Ham design dishes but I can't afford one! So I'm looking for a cheap mesh dish or a design that I can make myself. I have considered getting the ribs made by laser cutting some 3mm flat sheet as I have a local contact. Then there's the hub. It's not easy that's for sure. Where are all those C band dishes these days. Have they all disintegrated?

If anyone has any ideas or can help I'd love to hear from you. As I said it needs to be cheap :)


Conrad G0RUZ
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