Re: IO91RF in Low Microwave Bands 6-Oct

Phil Guttridge G3TCU

The group of us who often activate IO91RF in the Low Microwave Bands sessions will be on next Sunday.
(G1EHF, G4SJH, G3TCT, G3TCU, G3WBQ) we'll post the details asap.
We couldn't make the June session as we nearly all had other commitments.

There will have to be lots of good Dx QSOs to justify the early start!

73, Phil.


On 28/09/2013 14:29, Ralph Bird wrote:

If I get shot down, I will deploy a parachute!.
I am increasingly more and more alarmed at
the numbers who indicate that they are to be
active for the contests.
Investment apart, the time I put to these events
is increasingly becoming counter productive.
I know there are a few who choose not to indicate
their intentions via this reflector, but one cannot
deny that numbers are dropping off.
I am active every day. sickness and Christmas day
being the only exceptions.  I know that is my choice but
'Surely',  when you see the numbers active on the
reflector,  some of you could boost the
activity,  even if its only for an hour or two.
Like it or not, I still say that if I did not have that
window into France. This station would have been
sold off after 50 years being an active radio amateur,
starting as VQ8BY in 1963 while in Mauritius with the R.N.
to buy a Leica M9 and get a life.
Please, please switch on your gear, maybe you may
even enjoy it. Also answer the often debated topic on here
of   "Activity on the bands"., simple!.
73 Ralph

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