Planning Permission

David <david.g6feo@...>

Dear Group,

Can any body help or advise me about planning permission?

I have a lattice mast in my garden that has been there for about 25
years, and it does have planning permission.

I obtained the mast sections second hand from BT and had a base made of
steel which is set in a block of concrete.

The base was only painted, now due to neglect it's rusting and I would
like to replace the mast.

I've bought a new one and got an hole to plant it in.

But a neighbour has been telling the local planners about what I'm
doing, I'm a bit miffed about this because I did meet with them in my
garden, explained my plans, then they removed the logs I had had cut
from my trees for their log burner.

I have verified with the local planners that I have permission for my
existing mast, I thought a like for like replacement would be allowed,
but they tell me that if I demolish my existing mast I am unlikely to
get permission for it's replacement.

At present retirement looks as though it's not going to include amateur

Can anybody suggest a way forward?

Thank you,


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