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From my experience some years ago with two BT broadband accounts I think the problem is probably communication between TakTalk and BT Openreach who are the "non customer facing" branch that looks after the ADSL systems.
I suffered from my ADSL lines having their "BRAS profiles" locked down to ridiculously low rates which apparently needed human intervention to unlock, it took ages and BT broadband could only email a request, sometimes lost, to Openreach who did it in their own sweet time. I eventually contacted the BT Chairman's complaints line who were helpful and put me in touch with a product engineer who actually understood the problem and helped enormously - being out in the country with overhead lines and old cables I suffered from drop outs due to lightning/rain/interference etc so the system would drop the speed down to what it thought was a very low sustainable stable rate and would lock it there forever.

I'm sorry I no longer have the telephone number but a Google search should find it.

Don't forget to re-boot the router from time to time in case they've fixed the problem without telling you!
Good Luck

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On 27 July I lost my home broadband connection, although the telephone
works OK. Since then I’ve used my neighbour’s PC and slow 2G broadband
mobile dongle to access the web. E-mails have been kept to the bare
minimum, so apologies if you haven’t heard from me.

I’d be grateful if
anyone can offer advice on how to expedite the repair of my broadband
connection, since I’ve been without it for 14 days now and am beginning
to despair. In summary:

• I pay line rental to BT, and buy a
phone/broadband package from TalkTalk
• The BT Call Centre advised that
I should call TalkTalk to fix the fault.
• Once I was talking to
someone technically competent at TalkTalk (via their Call Centre), the
diagnostic tests (right back to the test socket on the master socket)
were completed quickly, confirming that it was an ADSL fault, not my
own equipment (as my own earlier tests had predicted).
• 5 days later
the TalkTalk engineer arrived and did further tests that confirmed the
fault. He couldn’t fix the problem, since the equipment is owned by
BT, so he arranged for a BT engineer to come the following week.
• The
BT engineer didn’t turn up on any of the 3 days on which I was told he
would come.
• I spent several frustrating hours via the TalkTalk Call
Centre trying to find someone who could tell me when an engineer would
come â€" although everyone I spoke to was very friendly and wanted to be
helpful I got nowhere; eventually someone promised to find the
information and phone/text back. Since then I have had not received
any indication of when an engineer might attend.
• I find telephoning
these Call Centres to be stressful, frustrating, and time consuming, so
before I do so again I should like to ask if anyone can offer advice on
how I might by-pass the Call Centres and talk to someone who can
expedite the repair and tell me when it will happen.

Some good is
coming of this experience! I have learnt how to get the best out of
various Call Centres (BT, TalkTalk, EE) although this is an ongoing
process. I might even write an article for the local newspaper on the
topic! It’s also stimulated me to investigate the problem of internet
access when I go /P, essential on microwaves from this location.

As a
ham and engineer, of course I have found it quite satisfying to try
find a short-term technical solution. I purchased an EE mobile
broadband dongle for my PC to get some form of internet access;
however, the best I get here is a 2G connection at 85.6 Kbps, which is
better than nothing, but it’s really too slow to be of any us when /P.
I can receive a usable wi-fi signal from my nearest neighbour 500m away
using a 2.4 GHz yagi and long range USB adaptor, though it’s quite weak
at -70 dBm; I will attempt to make a connection later today when I have
the access information.

Any comments or suggestions on any of the
above would be greatly appreciated.


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