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g4guo <chbrain@...>

Hi Keith,

I rather like the Myriad RF board
which is basically the RF part only. Unfortunately the
bridge board that connects it to the FPGA development board
I use is currently out of stock. I read that Myriad are going
to come up with their own equivalent.

Considering the chip is UK designed it seems strange that you
have to go to some far east supplier with a dodgy website to order

One thing I find slightly alarming is the people that have
embraced this technology are by and large not Radio Amateurs
but the maker community and university undergraduates.

We are obviously missing a trick here. I guess the issue is that
you have to be highly numerate to develop software for this type
of thing and judging by the breakdown of the UK licence exam
results by question, numeracy is not the strong point of most

- Charles G4GUO

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Hi Group

I keep looking at the RF bade unit at Out of the box the bladeRF can tune from 300MHz to 3.8GHz without the need for extra boards and has current open source drivers.

Has anybody looked to see if it's of any use in the field of microwaves or as a transverter driver I can't help thinking that this might end up being a winter project for me to play with.

73 Keith GU6EFB

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