Re: 24GHz, 47GHz, and 76-248GHz Contests next weekend, 21st July

Martyn G3UKV

Hi Peter, Keith, Chris, Roger et al
Been studying potential paths re 24 GHz.
Start at Brown Clee (IO82QL84), around 0930 (UTC). Path to JO01EP maybe ????(with lift!) + IO81LS, IO93FB, IO93AD likely
Rove to Little Wenlock area (IO82RQ60). Paths to IO81LS, IO93AD, IO93AF08 maybe. Middle of day.
Rove to Redhill or New Works (IO82TQ16, IO82SQ01). Later in afternoon.

Lots of room for new paths there, and lots of "....perhaps...". Any other suggestions ?
Trust the microwave group pick up the diesel fuel bill for participants ? (just to see who reads this...!)
Any one else other than previously declared coming out ?  The more the merrier;
73 Martyn (G3UKV/P on this occasion - rest of TDARS group gone AWOL)

On 17/07/2013 13:12, Peter Day wrote:

24GHz Sunday 21st July:

G3PHO/P: 24GHz only. 2watts to 60cm offset dish. Talkback:
144.175MHz ssb ...NO KST.

Roving around the Peak District: 10.00BST to
approx 11.30: Alport Height. IO93FB44
12:30BST-14:30: Merryton Low Triangle IO93AD
15:00BST - ? : Possibly Cat & Fiddle near Buxton or other
location on demand.

It would be great if some of the southern stations
travelled to a location suitable for working us northerners ... say
within 160km or so of
Alport and Merryton ... locations like Malvern
Hills, Cotswolds, Chilterns, Coombe Gibbett, Therfield, etc.

Years ago there were several of you who had a
sense of adventure and tried to do new paths etc on these bands. Today
they seem happy to reinvent the wheel and work the
same old tried and tested ones month after month ... boring! :-)

... and don't tell me you're all too old to make
the trip ... I'm older than all of you!


Peter G3PHO

"Have rig... will travel"

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