Re: 1st 9H <--> IT9 24Ghz qso

Mansueto Grech <mansueto.grech@...>

Hi All Again,
In the excitement and given the time the e-mail was written, mistakenly I wrote johnny's call sign as IT9ARO which should have been IW9ARO.  Sorry for the mistake.

The mistake has been corrected in the Text below.
My apologies for the mistake.

Mans. 9H1GB

On 20 July 2013 00:40, Mansueto Grech <mansueto.grech@...> wrote:
Hi All,
Please to inform your that today July 19th 2013 the first ever QSO ON 24Ghz was made between 9H and IT9

At 17:21 GMT IW9ARO (Johnny) heard my (9H1GB) signal on 24.048200GHz+/- Immediately I switch to USB and the QSO was completed  with  a 51 52 exchange of reports.
two other friends were with me Joe 9H1VW and Joe 9H1CG completed the QSO at 17:47 53 53 report and 17:48  with 58 59 report respectively After which I call Johnny again at exchanged a a 58 59 report.

Although we were all ecstatic with the contact made, a distance of 206km QSO from JM7EV to JM77LQ (mt Etna). we were also  very please to have help a new radio amateur, still waiting for his call, Trevor to made the 24 and 10GHz as his first ever QSO, NOT A BAD WAY TO START.

Johnny was using  18dbm (70mw) into a 45cm dish and I was using 23dbm (200mw) after the filter into a 60cms dish.
I am hoping to make links to audio file for these QSO soon
We are planning new test and mods to our system in the hope to improve the performance.
Both Johnny and myself also took our 3cm equipment with us and QSO were also made in this band
73's all
Mans. 9H1GB

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