Re: [Moon] [Moon-Net] Agilent 346A and N9069A reading high?

Conrad Farlow <conrad@...>

Its hooting you were right. I removed the noise head and put a load on it and I can see a descrete frequency that has an 8dB noise figure. This will be the frequency at which it's oscillating.

Do you have anything with a known NF that I can check as a reference. I'll send it straight back to you.



Conrad G0RUZ IO93FR

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On 19/07/2013 06:38, Graham D wrote:
2.When I measure noise figure I see good results on the gain but the
noise figure seems high. For instance my HA8ET Extra 2 LNA reads about
1.4dB whereas I am pretty sure that it is much better than this.
it's all a lot simpler than long convoluted theories....

the pre amp is oscillating

Graham 'MBI 'VHX


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