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Thanks for all inputs so far


Web page:

Short Link:

This may be used for your own ideas as well as for comments back to me on substance and typos

Please note there are items in this draft that so far may have been missed in other considerations inc on:-

a) the answer to Q1,
b) impact on European amateurs, if the bands are lost
c) the 2300-2310 option offer
d) a wider range of other measures that would complement the technical support offer that I am glad UKuG and BATC are up for

As with other efforts I would be glad of formal endorsements by UKuG, BATC and Amsat-UK who have contributed to various aspects



Based on feedback we will update it add boilerplate etc prior to teh 5pm Monday deadline

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Hi Murray and others.

Folowing the useful discussion session at Finningley, I have just submitted my response online.

73, Mike, G3LYP
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For those who dont like the online form, a MS-Word Template is on the UKuG home page if you look at the latest update there


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> All,
> Just a reminder that the closing date for the Ofcom 2.3 Ghz consultation process is approaching.
> I believe that everyone, whether active on 2.3 Ghz or not should respond, as we need to show Ofcom that we value the spectrum we have access to.
> If they do not see a large response, they will be more inclined when considering the future of other bands, such as 10 GHz, to take the approach of the authorities in Sweden and Australia and just remove our access to bands without consultation.
> In order to encourage responses from the ATV community, who are particularly affected by the proposed changes, I have posted my own proposed responses on the BATC forum at http://www.batc.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&;t=3176&start=10
> Chris GW4DGU has also published his responses in the latest issue of Scatterpoint.
> Thanks to the good work by Murray and others we do have a good relationship with our regulator in the UK and this is the opportunity for us all to show them how much we value the spectrum we have access to.
> 73
> Noel - G8GTZ

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