Re: 24GHz, 47GHz, and 76-248GHz Contests next weekend, 21st July

John Quarmby

Hi Daniel

You would need some exceptional tropo to work the UK on 24GHz from there. The IARU region 1 record on tropo is about 580km. Rainscatter might work, but it you don't often find intense thunderstorms over the sea.

I look forward to a 10GHz QSO soon.


John G3XDY

On 16/07/2013 11:34, Daniel Blah wrote:

Hello John et al,

I will be in the north of Germany from next Saturday for a week or so.
The QTH locator will be JO44IJ or thereabout with only water between me and the UK. The closest distance is just under 500kms (Norwich area). Given the lifted conditions predicted by the Hepburn Index Website for Sunday, I was wondering if it would make sense to take 24 GHz with me. My setup is just 300mW to a 30 cms diameter dish. I finished the station 2 weeks ago and have never made a QSO. It looks OK on the bench though.
I was planning to bring my 10 GHz setup, so I have the tripod and the other necessary gimmicks already there. But then again it's holidays in the first place and the car is pretty well packed.
I have no experience with sea ducting and I don't know if it will help on 24 GHz anyway where rising humidity would be rather disturbing, I guess.
The QTH would be either close to the beach or maybe on top of the dyke at 10m asl or so, depending on the tourist density and parking possibility. I need the car battery to power up the station.
I would appreciate to receive some comments before I go into negotiation with my fellow holiday makers.



P.S. I should be around on 10 GHz frequently. Look for me on KST. I have 14W and a 65cm dish.

--- In, G3XDY <g3xdy@...> wrote:
I won't be putting together a formal activity list for this event, as I
expect those with the capability to take part are already in touch with
each other to coordinate sites etc, so this is just a reminder that the
UK Microwave group mm wave contest is next Sunday 21st July, from 0900 -
1700z (1000 - 1800 BST).


John G3XDY


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