Re: 24GHz, 47GHz, and 76-248GHz Contests next weekend, 21st July

Martyn G3UKV

GE All

First item - many thanks to all those at Finningley who organised the RT this weekend - greatly enjoyed & appreciated.
Secondly, I WOULD appreciate postings here from anyone hoping to be on 24GHz next Sunday, as I have no other readily available info. on who may be around, and I would like to operate from more than one site in the Shropshire/W. Midlands area.
If I know who might be on, and their general directions, I can plan a day out to cover as many paths as possible, roving.
Current activity on 24GHz seems to be at its lowest for many years.

BTW, GB3ZME (IO82RP) nominally 24048.910 MHz is operational, but the G8ACE OCXO temp. control bit has gone AWOL, so it serves two purposes as a propagation beacon and site temperature gauge (vs freq. Low on warm or hot days).  Steps are in hand to discipline the miscreant.
73 Martyn G3UKV (also G3ZME/P)

On 13/07/2013 23:10, G3XDY wrote:

I won't be putting together a formal activity list for this event, as I
expect those with the capability to take part are already in touch with
each other to coordinate sites etc, so this is just a reminder that the
UK Microwave group mm wave contest is next Sunday 21st July, from 0900 -
1700z (1000 - 1800 BST).


John G3XDY

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