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Dave <dave@...>

Sorry Ralph,
I realised later that what I was seeing/hearing was the lower frequency "point" and, when I tuned up a bit, I heard the main frequency. Both signal traces were being affected by aircraft reflections.
I've also been looking at the GB3CLE beacon again, and that seems to key the other way about.
I'll go back to GB3MHL. At least I can tell which way round it keys mark and space.
Dave (G0DJA)

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From: Ralph Bird
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Hello Dave,
I use between 500-600Hz to receive CW as I find 800Hz more difficult to differentiate
between signal and noise/QRM/static,  at the lower 5-600 it is easier to read.
The frequency I gave of the beacon though was zero beat (as near as I could determine).
Back into the woodwork here to continue the hunt for DX
Ralph G4ALY
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Interesting trace Tim,
I can detect GB3MCB and, at the moment, can even hear the CW ident.  I'm also seeing doppler shifted signals from Aircraft reflections.
Attached (I hope) is a screenshot taken using SpectrumLabs a few moments ago.
As you will see, some direct and some scattered/doppler signals.
However, the thing I wanted to ask about is the frequency you mentioned.  Is that dial frequency, or the frequency of the actual recieved signal?  I see that your trace is at about 1kHz in, so I guess that you are using USB to received the signal?  In which case, did you add the 1kHz audio offset to the dial reading?
Personally, I tend to monitor using CW with a 600Hz CW offset on the receiver and set the received signal to the 600Hz point on the waterfall.  The dial frequency at the moment is 1296.847.38MHz and I often see that I need to add about 1kHz to what other people put out as the frequency that they hear the beacon on to what I need to use in CW mode.
Dave (G0DJA)
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Just as another data point I can hear GB3MCB up here in IO83LR at sea level.  

It is peaking to s3 this morning and quite audible.

I make it's freq 1296.846325MHz - GPS locked IC-9100 and using Spectran to measure audio tone.
See attached file.

Using a 16 ele at about 30 feet AGL /ASL

As for 6 mtrs - MCB also seems a little off freq there as well, not sure why as my IC-7800 is also GPS locked, maybe they use a master reference ?

73 Tim G4WIM / KT6UK

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