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Dave <dave@...>

Sorry, I was hoisted by my own  petard...
The real signal was at 1296.847.77 What I captured was the bottom frequency trace!  The space, or mark dependant on how you look at it, was 600Hz above that frequency.
Just goes to show that what you think may be the signal, may not necessarily be so.
OK - Off to the digest I go.
Dave (G0DJA)

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Interesting trace Tim,
I can detect GB3MCB and, at the moment, can even hear the CW ident.  I'm also seeing doppler shifted signals from Aircraft reflections.
Attached (I hope) is a screenshot taken using SpectrumLabs a few moments ago.
As you will see, some direct and some scattered/doppler signals.
However, the thing I wanted to ask about is the frequency you mentioned.  Is that dial frequency, or the frequency of the actual recieved signal?  I see that your trace

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