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Dave <dave@...>

Interesting trace Tim,
I can detect GB3MCB and, at the moment, can even hear the CW ident.  I'm also seeing doppler shifted signals from Aircraft reflections.
Attached (I hope) is a screenshot taken using SpectrumLabs a few moments ago.
As you will see, some direct and some scattered/doppler signals.
However, the thing I wanted to ask about is the frequency you mentioned.  Is that dial frequency, or the frequency of the actual recieved signal?  I see that your trace is at about 1kHz in, so I guess that you are using USB to received the signal?  In which case, did you add the 1kHz audio offset to the dial reading?
Personally, I tend to monitor using CW with a 600Hz CW offset on the receiver and set the received signal to the 600Hz point on the waterfall.  The dial frequency at the moment is 1296.847.38MHz and I often see that I need to add about 1kHz to what other people put out as the frequency that they hear the beacon on to what I need to use in CW mode.
Dave (G0DJA)

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Just as another data point I can hear GB3MCB up here in IO83LR at sea level.  

It is peaking to s3 this morning and quite audible.

I make it's freq 1296.846325MHz - GPS locked IC-9100 and using Spectran to measure audio tone.
See attached file.

Using a 16 ele at about 30 feet AGL /ASL

As for 6 mtrs - MCB also seems a little off freq there as well, not sure why as my IC-7800 is also GPS locked, maybe they use a master reference ?

73 Tim G4WIM / KT6UK

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