Finningley Round Table

Dave <dave@...>

I hope that I may be the first to pass on thanks to the organisers, speakers, members of the Finningley ARS and people who provided the test equipment, antenna range and food and drink this weekend at the microwave roundtable.
I'm sure there will be discussions about various topics that were discussed and demonstrated, so I'll leave that for other people to start the discussions.
I took quite a lot of photographs and have promised various people that I'll make them available for their use, if they want to use them, and will be emailing what I think are the better ones. I'll also post a link on here to a site where people can take a look at the shots I took as well.
If anyone wants to use them for any Amateur Radio use, for instance Amateur Radio related websites or personal sites about Amateur Radio and especially Microwave or lightwave (not sure if that covers the whole of that spectrum but, basically, if you are in the photo, or your gear is in the photo, please feel free to use it) activities, or for publicity for Amateur Radio, then this is my permission for such use.  You don't need to contact me directly.  Please, just use the photos, a mention that I took them would be apreciated though.
The photographs will be in PDF format.  If you want the RAW (or as Nikon call it NEF) files for better quality reproduction, please email me and I'll arrange to get the files to you.  They will probably be too large to email.
Cheers - Dave (G0DJA)

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