Re: 24GHz, 47GHz, and 76-248GHz Contests next weekend, 21st July

Dave <dave@...>

Next weekend is probably not going to be good for me to go out portable.  I've taken two days out this weekend and it's my daughters graduation on the Monday, so I suspect that I'll be involved in getting ready for that.
However, I will put the 24GHz gear on a tripod in the shack.  I can point the dish from about 140 degrees to 240 degree (magnetic bearings) through the window.  Power is only about 94mW out and the RX isn't up to the modern equipment levels, but we'll see if it works.
I will try to put up something for 2M talkback, but please don't expect loud signals as it'll either be a vertical on a temporary mast, or a portable 3 element yagi inside the room.  Sorry, can't get a yagi onto the rotator for a variety of reasons.
The other alternative is  ON4KST, but I realise the limitations of trying to log on and use that system when out portable..
Dave (G0DJA)

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I'm not really "in the loop" with the mmwavers as I've only recently got back on the band, but I plan to be QRV on 24GHz (and 10GHz) from home during the contest and co-ordinating via KST.

It would be good if the portable stations could let me know their approximate whereabouts on the Sunday so I can be QRV at the right time. If the info was on this reflector, not direct that would be even better for promoting the higher bands.

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