Transverter controller

Andy G4JNT

This month's QEX has a design for a transverter controller.  Apart from all the switching / control functions, the author has also included a 28-30MHz SSB generator, and Tx/Rx converter for 144MHz.   That way, all the faff and complication of Tx/Rx of IF switching, high power attenuators and things are not needed.   For Rx a conventional receiver or SDR is used, the two being linked in frequency tuning by a CAT interface.
It struck me how nice and elegant this solution is - SDRs are everywhere for receive, and make operating so much nicer, but you don't see them on Tx so much.  
He uses a conventional filter type SSB generator operating at 9MHz then upconverted to 28MHz using a DDS LO.  Which seems a bit retro (and the 9MHz CIO is unlocked).
For SSB generation, an I/Q generator might be a better solution, using a DSPic with its internal A/D used as a Hilbert generator for teh 0/90 degree audio paths.  That might even be the final spur to learning about the DSPic here !

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