Re: 24GHz, 47GHz, and 76-248GHz Contests next weekend, 21st July


I'm not really "in the loop" with the mmwavers as I've only recently got back on the band, but I plan to be QRV on 24GHz (and 10GHz) from home during the contest and co-ordinating via KST.

It would be good if the portable stations could let me know their approximate whereabouts on the Sunday so I can be QRV at the right time. If the info was on this reflector, not direct that would be even better for promoting the higher bands.

Hopefully I can also encourage Roger G4BEL to come on 24Ghz from his home QTH up the road from me JO02BI

Equipment here for 24GHz at JO02cg33

TX 1 Watt at feed
RX 5dB NF at feed
Antenna 60cm dish at 8magl with elevation control

Contact: Skype johng4bao, Twitter @g4bao, landline on the day 01223862480

Please also listen for my beacon GB3CAM IO92WI53 GPS locked on 24048.870 running JT4G and CW. reports via please. Dave G4FRE still holds the DX reception record for GB3CAM/24 at 150km, so how about trying to knock Dave off his perch next weekend? A beer on me at the next round table for the group/individual that does!


I won't be putting together a formal activity list for this event, as I
expect those with the capability to take part are already in touch with
each other to coordinate sites etc, so this is just a reminder that the
UK Microwave group mm wave contest is next Sunday 21st July, from 0900 -
1700z (1000 - 1800 BST).


John G3XDY

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