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I haven't made an accurate measurement but the 6m beacon seemed slightly off frequency last night. Do they all use the same frequency reference? G8SEQ/P lsles of Scilly.

I have just checked the beacons I can from GB3MCB. I use an IC-756 Pro 2 on 6 m and that gives me about zero beat on 10 MHz when I can hear WWV at night. Using the IC-910X on 2 m, 70 cms and 23 cms which seems to be about 500 Hz out on 23 cms. Not back on 4 m yet and I have nothing on 3 cms.

Listing the nominal frequencies and then the ones I have indicated on my radios,-
1296.860 1296.8459
432.970 432.967
144.469 144.46765
50.0424 50.04283

I presume that they do not have a common frequency reference as the one on 6 m seems slightly high and the rest, especially 23 cms, seem low. That is still taking into account that my IC-910X has not been calibrated yet but is close enough for my main purposes.

GB3IOJ is back on 6 m but the antenna is temporary and will be replaced soon. My indication is 50.06523 MHz when unkeyed.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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