Re: GB3MCB on 23 cms

Keith GW3TKH

Just checked against gpsdo, 1296.8463Mhz.

73 Keith

From: Ralph Bird
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I can confirm it is on 1296.846 +/- a whisker
Ralph G4ALY
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From: Lawrence
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Subject: Re: [ukmicrowaves] GB3MCB on 23 cms

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From: Neil Whiting

> If you look on you can see that the spots show the
> frequency has been drifting down over the last few months.
> It was last reported on 1296.846, so looks like your frequency is good.
> I can't hear it at present so can't confirm.

> Try this link - hopefully it will work for you:

Thanks for that. I had not thought of looking there so it was appreciated.

I had quoted an approximate frequency that was displayed when the keying gave a
reasonable tone. I can only read Morse when I know what I am receiving and the
speed is very low!

I just tried again and tuned for zero beat when it was not keying. It now shows
1296.845.8 which is very close to the frequency given on that web page. I am now
more confident than I was before that my calibration seems to be as good as I
need it to be as I only use SSB on that band.

I am now hoping to be able to get more QSOs with some of you on 23 cms. I have
worked a few G stations on the band and during VHF NFD was getting a very strong
signal from EI9E/P which I also worked on 6 m, 2 m and 70 cms. Best DX so far
has been DB6NT, out of 6 countries worked, but I am still looking for a GW as
that should be relatively easy if someone is in a good location.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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