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From: Neil Whiting

If you look on you can see that the spots show the frequency has been drifting down over the last few months.
It was last reported on 1296.846, so looks like your frequency is good.
I can't hear it at present so can't confirm.
Try this link - hopefully it will work for you:

Thanks for that. I had not thought of looking there so it was appreciated.

I had quoted an approximate frequency that was displayed when the keying gave a reasonable tone. I can only read Morse when I know what I am receiving and the speed is very low!

I just tried again and tuned for zero beat when it was not keying. It now shows 1296.845.8 which is very close to the frequency given on that web page. I am now more confident than I was before that my calibration seems to be as good as I need it to be as I only use SSB on that band.

I am now hoping to be able to get more QSOs with some of you on 23 cms. I have worked a few G stations on the band and during VHF NFD was getting a very strong signal from EI9E/P which I also worked on 6 m, 2 m and 70 cms. Best DX so far has been DB6NT, out of 6 countries worked, but I am still looking for a GW as that should be relatively easy if someone is in a good location.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX

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