Re: GB3MCB on 23 cms

Neil Whiting <neil@...>

Hello Lawrence,

If you look on you can see that the spots show the
frequency has been drifting down over the last few months.
It was last reported on 1296.846, so looks like your frequency is good.
I can't hear it at present so can't confirm.

Try this link - hopefully it will work for you:

73. Neil G4BRK

On 12/07/2013 14:40, Lawrence wrote:
Has anyone checked the frequency of GB3MCB on 23 cms recently?

For some time I have been looking for it without any luck. I assumed it was
because it beams NE, which is sideways on to me, and that I use a rather low
gain log periodic antenna. This morning I found it but it was not where I
thought it would be. The web sites that list it give the frequency as 1296.860
MHz but my radio indicated 1296.845 MHz which was much lower than I had

My radio is the IC-910X and earlier this year I had replaced the crystal
oscillator with the optional high stability CR-293 (photos of this and of the
antenna are on my QRZ entry). I have not calibrated it yet but hope to be able
to do soon. I have acquired a Jupiter T GPS receiver and could use the ratio
function on my counter to compare the 30.2 MHz with 10 kHz until I build a PLL
circuit to give me 10 MHz.

When I have compared my indicated frequency on 23 cms with others it is usually
similar and within 1 kHz so I assume I am not too far out. The CR-293 has
greatly improved the stability and so got rid of the drift which had been
annoying. That was the most important improvement that I had been looking for.

73, Lawrence GJ3RAX


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