116 MHz 60C HC49/U Xtals for sale

Conrad Farlow <conrad@...>

I have some HC49/U 116 MHz 5th overtone crystals for sale. They have been specified for a crystal oven operating at 60C and come with individual test data. They are ideal for use with the G8ACE OCXO.

Here is one from the batch of 10.

Tolerance @ 60C -4.7ppm, ESR 64.4 ohms, C1 0.237 fF, L1 8mH, C0 1.78pF, Turnover point 59.2 deg C

I have 3 for sale, I'm keeping the rest :)

I intend using one of mine with a Hermes transceiver and a transverter.

£20 each plus postage

Pay pal is OK



Conrad G0RUZ


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