Re: GX3RCM (former GB4FUN) at Finningley Microwaves this weekend


Hi Peter,

It may be worth looking for SK6OSO - Onsala 25 m dish on Saturday or Sunday morning via EME.

The Moon rises earlier is Sweden than in the UK, so there may be an opporunity at Moon rise - so a yagi or dish with no elvation could work.

They will have 400W at the feed, so most well equipped tropo stations should hear them.

Onsala will be on from 1000z on Saturday and 1130z on Sunday.

They have not announced an operating frequency, but will be on ON4KST.

I have not checked the window or the timing to see if the above is possible, I'm at work right now, but can check later if required.

I have not worked Onsala before on 23cm, so will be giving it a go... should not be a problem..!!!

They will be operating CW/SSB. Personally, I think it is unlikely that they will use WSJT.

I hope that's of some interest...

Best 73 & GL

--- In, Peter Day <microwaves@...> wrote:

Just a small "press release" folks .....

Sheffield Amateur Radio Club will be showing its recently acquired
communications trailer *(GX3* *R*adio*C*ommunications *M*odule) at the
Finningley Microwave Round Table this Saturday. While it is largely an
HF-VHF/-D Star orientated vehicle, I will be setting up my portable 20
watt 23cm station in it on Saturday, hopefully using one of the
trailer's integral masts. The vehicle is well worth a look now that
Sheffield ARC have taken it over from the RSGB. We think we are doing a
good job with it, primarily aiming it at the general public rather than
the amateur radio "deserved" fraternity, but the Finningley venue will
be it's first showing to the intelligentsia of the AR world ... the

If you can't come along, please look for us on 23cm ssb/cw. We will be
calling on 1296.220 for much of the day, using a 35 el yagi at around 20
feet and a 20W transverter. Hopefully we'll be active from around 1030
until 4pm. I don't expect we will be online using KST so we will be
calling CQ a lot! The LOC of the station is IO93NN.

The nanowave (formerly lightwaves) group has also intimated that it will
do something from the trailer during the day. We will be showing a
number of videos on the large screen inside the vehicle. Other
microwavers and interested attendees are warmly invited to come over for
a look around and make suggestions as to how SARC could use the trailer
to encourage VHF and up activity in the UK. For example our D Star
repeater could even be used as talkback instead of 2m and KST! It would
allow playback of the received signal for antenna pointng, just like we
used to do in the old days of radio talkback. Don't knock until you've
tried it :-)

To date, GX3RCM has attended events such as LAMFEST and several local
Sheffield summer festivals and has aroused a tremendous amount of
interest among the public.

Unlike a recent show we attended in Sheffield, we will NOT be streaming
this event down our live channel at BATC.

The next amateur radio event we attend will be the RSGB Hamfest at
Newark.... another great opportunity to call in and have a look around
the trailer.

73 and hope to see or hear you on Saturday..

Peter, G3PHO

Secretary: Sheffield Amateur Radio Club

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