Re: OFCOM consultation proposal


Sam's ideas are (as usual) very sound and I support his approach to retaining these bands.

I'll be at Finningley on Saturday but unfortunately can't stay for the Sunday so will miss the round table discussions.

I think I've already made my views clear on this forum and in my RadCom Column (when it hits the doorstep!). While the deal on offer is a little unpalatable compared to what we have now, if we all work together, up our game technically, especially support the ATV community in improving their systems and tackle interference issues promptly and professionally I believe we can hang on to these bands. The UKuG has recently invited the BATC chairman on to the UKuG committee for this very purpose, so we have a direct line in top that branch of the hobby. I for one will make my expertise and equipment available to any group or individual who needs help with interference or system improvement but like Sam says I don't want to be seen as "poking my nose in." Feel free to contact me direct if you need help, but please remember I'm a volunteer/hobbyist and I have an XYL and a life outside Ham radio!

You don't need to be a UKuG member but I'm sure your sense of pride won't allow you let £6 per year stop you. ;-)

I am involved in the discussions within the UKuG Committee about a response and will be submitting my own next week after a briefing from Finningley.


John G4BAO
Treasurer, UK Microwave Group
RadCom "GHz Bands"  Columnist


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