Re: LTC6946 Synth Module

Andy G4JNT

0805, apart from larger gaps left for L1-3, and the two tantalums. 


On 10 July 2013 20:47, Howard <g4cch_1@...> wrote:

Hi Andy,

I might have missed this in the build/user manual...
What size are the csmd R's L's & C's
Would be helpful to include this in the parts list

Thanks and 73
Howard, G4CCH

--- In ukmicrowaves@..., Andy Talbot wrote:
> The build / user manual has
> now been updated to include a photo of a fully built module, which may just
> help in the construction process. So those who downloaded immediately
> after Monday's post, may want to get the later version.
> I've built up three boards now ( to use up my stock of those ICs,) and
> every one worked first time. If any builders have any hints / comments
> that you think would benefit other constructors, can you let me have them
> to go in an addendum.
> Andy

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