LMX2541 PCBs have arrived

Andy G4JNT

Another batch of 40 PCBs for the LMX2541 Development board have just arrived.  They're identical to the last lot.
PCBs can be orded via http://www.g4jnt.com/The_JNT_Shop.htm   and I'll also be bringing some along to Martlesham, along with the optional RS232 interface controller.
If you want 3 or more, please contact me direct as price discounting can be negotiated
Before too long I'll have a design and PIC code for a rotary encoder / LCD controller for these.  The PCB will be the same as that used for my AD9850DDS controller, http://www.g4jnt.com/AD9850-Controller.pdf   which will connect directly via the 4 way header.    PIC code already exists for such control, but at this stage the output divider cannot be changed via the manual interface.  I'm still pondering about the best way to do that in a clean and simple manner.
PIC code for JT65 also exists.


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