Re: Altium (DMC) 26 GHz modules

Christopher Bartram <cbartram@...>

Hello Noel

There are certainly some very useful DMC synthesiser, filter, and amplifier parts around. The devil is in the detail!

I brought a couple of 23GHz links eight or nine years ago, and there were synthesisers which could easily be tweaked to use both as a 24.04880GHz narrowband beacon, and as a 23.606 ( Ithink ...) GHz LO. Some of the cables were also worth salvaging: the Astrolab flexibles, in particular, are rated for 24GHz use, and you don't find that sort of thing every day ...

Modifying the units which I had wouldn't be easy without the right kit, as they were made using ceramic substrates and lots of wire bonded chip semiconductors.

I wrote a brief note for 'Scatterpoint' at the time based on my investigations of one synthesiser module. At the time there was other information available on the net.

Vy 73


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