Transverter Enclosure Wanted

Alan Melia

Hi Keith I have had a quick loook at some catalogues and cant see anything to meet your requirements either. It ocurrs to me that removable top,front and back might make a case rather difficult to build stoutly. Yhis sort of style is available in Hammond extruded cases but not to the size you require in my catalogues. It might be worth looking at Hammonds web site, and asking them to nominate a supplier if then dont deal direct in something you find suitable.

I wonder if a different approach would be easier. This is to mount the tranverter on a tray behind the front panel and use a rack-style case. I think that would be larger than your suggested dimensions. It would also be quite expensive, I guess you could be looking at 60 or so for all the bits you might need.

Best Wishes
Alan G3NYK

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