Anyone going to Martlesham Microwave Roundtable with 10 GHz VNA + N calkit?

David Kirkby <david.kirkby@...>

I've got an HP 85032B N calibration kit which is designed for use to 6
GHz. I'd like to get the capacitance of the open standards from the
85032B cal kit measured if possible, so I could use the kit in the 3
cm band. Unfortunately, used 85054B "N" calibration kits sell for 50%
of what I paid for a used 20 GHz VNA.

I wonder if there is anyone going to Martlesham Microwave Roundtable
who is taking a VNA able to measure to at least 10 GHz with a suitable
N calibration kit? If so, I'll bring along my open standards, with a
view to getting the phase measured to at least the 3 cm amateur band.

Is there anyone with an 85032B cal kit on the list who also owns one
of the better cal kits such as the HP/Agilent 85054B or 85054D so they
could measure their 85032B opens and let me know what the capacitance

Dave, G8WRB.

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