Re: Looking for a Toshiba BA2074C

Ronny Lembke <m0fwz@...>

Hej John, Good, Oerebro has a very interesting set of lectures. Must say I'm exited about it. See you in a few weeks time.

From: John Lambo
To: ukmicrowaves@...
Sent: Sunday, April 7, 2013 6:09 PM
Subject: Re: [ukmicrowaves] Looking for a Toshiba BA2074C
Hej Ronny.Yes there is one on it,s way i hope.Thank you for reply..See u at Orebro ....73  John  PA7JBOp 7-4-2013 16:59, Ronny Lembke schreef:
Hej John, have you had any luck finding a BA2074C??//Ronny SM7FWZ

From: John Lambo mailto:pa7jb@...To: ukmicrowaves@... Sent: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 8:43 PMSubject: [ukmicrowaves] Looking for a Toshiba BA2074C
Hello you all .I am looking for a BA2074C or B??Who have this pa and do not use it any more??I need this for my RW1136 TWT on 24ghz to make my first qso from the moon .Please sent a mail to ;mailto:pa7jb%40ziggo.nlThank you for reply73 John PA7JB

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