Andy G4JNT

My Rhode and Schwarz SMG 100kHz to 1GHz signal generator ist kaput, it is a not-signal geneator, it has gone to meet its maker;  etc etc...
To be precise,  the controller card has died, and although I have the manual and have sort of looked at it,  really can't be bothered faffing any more , bearing in mind :
a)   The fault is not simple PSU related; is also not cured by wobbling things, and I don't have the extender cards for proper hot-testing.
b)   All the RF signal generator functions can be done with an LMX2541 or  AD9852 DDS  and an attenuator - all to hand here.
c)   Any modulation it could generate can probably be done in a PC with soundcard and upconverter.
Is it worth anything (a guarded, roundabout way of saying, anyone interested)  ?
or...  Is it worth more as the sum of its parts if I rip the good bits out, like the programmable attenuator (pulse relay switched, 5dB steps)  and the I/Q rotary encoder,  then scrap the rest ?   Can't think what else inside is worth salvaging.

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