Re: 3cm Beacon now on GM4CXM/B IO75tw 10368.9225

gm4cxm <gm4cxm@...>

Hi all,
I've put together a little more information on Alan's 3cm beacon that is located at my QTH.

Reception reports to Alan GM0USI would be appreciated.

73 Ray GM4CXM

--- In ukmicrowaves@..., Alan Dimmick <dimmickalan@...> wrote:

Hi there,
Just a note to inform you that thanks to Ray GM4CXM, I have put on a personal beacon at his QTH at IO75tw72es. The frequency is 10368.92256 but can have a variation of 300Hz or so. Hopefully it might be locked in the future with the possibility of JT4g.
It runs just under 3w to a slot antenna. Tony G4CBW has heard weakly and seen traces on AS already from IO83. Thanks to Ian GM0UHC and Mark GM4ISM for all their help on this project.
Any reports will be most welcome.
Finally, just a reminder I will be staying at the Mull of Galloway lighthouse IO74np from the 7th till 13th April with 9 and 3cm if anyone would like a sked...

Best 73 Alan GM0USI/P

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