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We are using this LNB PLL
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A search on eBay shows others sellers have the Octagon Optima Twin LNB at about £19 inc. post. You have to squint at the photos to make sure it is the right model! Mine is due to arrive tomorrow.

I currently use a rather unstable Lidl LNB to a funcube Pro+ dongle on 618MHz with fair results. The PLL LNB should be much better but ideally needs a good external 27 MHz source, preferably with 10MHz reference so am looking for ideas on that.
Dick G4BBH

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> The PLL LNBs have sold out, but there are still single output versions available. I was thinking about this and then remembered the TV Sticks or Funcube Dongles all cover the frequency range that 10.368 Emerges at. So, rather than make changes to use a 432MHz IF, use a cheap TV stick. It should make a nice 10GHz band monitor. I can see several reverse beacon applications with just the LNB, no dish at a good site.
> Mike

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