New reverse beacon for 2.3 and 10 GHz in EA

Maximo Coltro <ea7fgj@...>

 Good morning to all!

I want to tell that we have two "reverse beacons" in Alicante.

One for 10 GHz band, with one LNB with PLL, 60 cm diam offset TVSat parabole and one FunCubeDongle,
to Ibiza, we Rx the beacon in 10368.910 MHz, ED6YAE.

The other "reverse beacon" was made with a WiFi downconverter with PLL, antenna Patch with Dishes, like a yagui but with dishes, and one FunCubeDongle, in this case we point to Sirius sats 2320.290 MHz.

Both waterfall in the same screen!

Very good job!!!

Many thanks to Max, EA5CV and Luis, EA5DOM.

Saludos cordiales. Máximo. EA7FGJ. IM67XI.

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