Re: Information about Nera NL-102 microwave link, short introduction to myself

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Dear David,

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I have worked on 3 different Nera radio links, the lower bit rate ones
were 'branded' as Thorn in the UK.

These were all 13GHz radios.
I think you are correct in that it it indeed is a 13 GHz unit. The receive and transmit waveguides were labeled with (what I assume are) frequencies of roughly 12.8 and 13.1 GHz. The link is supposedly 2 Gb/s. Do you know what the original Nera part numbers were for the links you worked on?
Best wishes,

Dear Hans,

I cannot remember the original part numbers but NL2, NL8 & NL34 may be
what we called them, the 2, 8 & 34 being the bit rate in Mb/s.

There was very little information about these boxes because they were
pre tuned to the required frequency and if they went wrong the whole box
was changed.

I do remember making off the cables into the junction boxes and the very
nice wave guide connectors from the units to the filters. I'm sure in my
junk box I've still got a wave guide connector if you want it.

73, David.

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