10 Ghz transverter by Kronotek, new entry in the family!

Maximo Coltro <ea7fgj@...>

good afternoon,

New entry in the family!

We have added to  the Scatter series transverters (23 cm and 13 cm transverters) the new model 10 Ghz transverter.

Pics, technic caracterist and other details in our webpage,

Many thanks for visit us!


Saludos cordiales. Máximo. EA7FGJ. IM67XI.

De: booz2m
Para: ukmicrowaves@...
Enviado: Domingo 28 de octubre de 2012 11:17
Asunto: [ukmicrowaves] Opera sound recordings on 10 GHz


As I am not QRV on 10 GHz myself I am unable to help Graham, G0NBD, and José, EA5HVK, with some sound recordings when using Opera on 10 GHz. Both lock or unlocked setups are of interest.

Is there anyone here that can help? If so please send a couple of recordings to Graham at his_call hotmail com.

The recordings will help José in tweaking Opera for microwave use.

Not familiar with Opera? Then have a look here:

Bo, OZ2M

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