Hi Simon,
well, I believe there is or was a reflector set up by G8MWR some time ago. I
rarely if ever saw references to it and don't know if it was ever widely
used. I was supposed to get in touch with Glenn to see if the UK Microwave
Group could adopt it as the reflector for the group, but I must admit that I
had reservations about doing so and then things kind of drifted. You already
have one new user as a result of my mentioning the group in a conversation
last night.

You will have seen G3XDY's mention of the new 9cm beacon. I'm pleased to say
that when I brought my 9cm transverter out of it's 2.5 year hibernation and
connected a small horn antenna the beacon nearly blew my socks off even when
pointing in the other direction from the beacon site and with no mutual
visibility. The horn is inside the shack and looks through a small window.
These results encouraged me to try a QSO with G3LQR and I'm pleased to
report that that was successful in spite of the antenna challenged
arrangement at my end. So, will we now see more 9cm activity as a result of
the new beacon and the fact that a similar antenna arrangement to GB3MHS has
been delivered to DF6NA in Wuerzburg for his 9cm beacon? I hope so. Time
will tell, but what a fabulous band for troposcatter propagation.

73 de Sam

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