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Hi Simon,
well I subscribe to the Tom Williams reflector and find that most
useful. I
wondered how long before someone would (seriouisly) take to do the
here. I think it will fill a long held need. Congratulations on
setting it

73 de Sam

Hi Sam

Well I sat wondering if someone already set one up and I was missing
something, but then realised actually no one had! Maybe thats been
the problem! And to be honest it took all of 30 mins to set up the
group as I wanted as the admin. But as I said I don't intend to
interfere (unless things start getting nasty!) but just let it run.
Hopefully people will join in as time goes on, it will take time to
get the word out. So far in 2 days we have 22 members and I am sure
that will rise after the weekend's activity.

I also subscribe to the US microwave reflector and there are some
regular UK names on there too so it made sense to have a UK version.

What worried me most was that things are happening in the UK and
people are missing the info/news/for sales etc and that is a shame.
We have some seriously clever and advanced microwavers in the UK but
everyone seems to be doing their own thing and there seems to be lack
of a focal point for whats going on.

So that was the idea - it should be useful and so far I have been
encouraged that it will do so.

I just can't believe no one got round to doing this before!

I used Peter PHO's email list for the first round of invites and if
you don't see anyone on here you think would be interested in it then
please let them know the address where to find it. I am not sure if
having to have a yahoo acct puts some people off. It shouldn't. I
never receive anything from Yahoo unsolicited unlike MS!

I will publicse the address in the next set of newsletters and
hopefully that will also encourage some activity.

thanks for the support!

(still looking for that dish !)


Simon GM4PLM

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