Hi folks,
I am pleased to announce that GB3MHX (10368.830MHz) located in
JO02PB, Martlesham, returned to service ealier today (26th September)
with an increase in output power to 0.5W into the antenna. This
should make the beacon more suited to rainscatter propagation
monitoring. The frequency of the beacon has also been reset to the
correct frequency. It was about 8kHz high after more than 5 years of
non-resetting (crystal aging). The new frequency was measured to be
800Hz low of .830. Normal diurnal cycling in the tower room will
cause the beacon to settle about .830, but further crystal aging will
mean resetting again in about 12 months or so.

There will be further news of a new beacon at Martlesham later from
one of the G4MRS team.



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