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I recently purchased a 2nd hand Marconi 6950 RF Power meter with a
6910 probe covering 10MHz to 20GHz.

It's OK on the 5dBm and above ranges, but at the 0dBm and below
ranges there is an increasingly large zero offset as the range
decreases further.

Marconi meters such as the 6460 type (mine) do tend to do this in the low
power setting and there should be a "zero adjust" pot on the front panel. I
always set mine up in the 30uW switch position after the unit has warmed up
for some minutes even if I'm measuring much higher power levels.

Does your meter have a built in calibration output? Mine has. It's on 50MHz
and reads full scale
with any head I care to plug in..

Good luck!

Peter, G3PHO

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