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Hey Howard

hope your well.

You coming to Martlesham??

I am not familiar with that meter but there are a couple of

1. the head has been overloaded (prob the reason)

2. the calibration of the unit is out.

I was looking for details of a Marconi 6559 meter on the net and
found a few places with handbooks. Maybe that will help.

Its likely that the meter has been overloaded and the head is now
misalligned - I have some details in the Microwave Updates on fixing
these thermistor type heads - I will see what I can find for you.


Simon GM4PLM

--- In ukmicrowaves@y..., "Howard Long" <hlong@b...> wrote:
I recently purchased a 2nd hand Marconi 6950 RF Power meter with a
6910 probe covering 10MHz to 20GHz.

It's OK on the 5dBm and above ranges, but at the 0dBm and below
ranges there is an increasingly large zero offset as the range
decreases further.

Is this likely to be the probe or the meter, and if so is it simply
calibration job or is one of these bits likely to be dodgey, and
therefore I am the pround owner of a kipper?

73 Howard G6LVB

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