Re: Eyal Gal modules for 10 & 24 GHz

Roger Ray

I think that is all the 24GHz modules spoken for!
Plenty of 10GHz ones available still. I have Elcom synths suitable for the 24GHz units. PIC loader PCBs will be a couple of weeks though. I hope to work everyone building 10 & 24GHz units.

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I now have some tested 10GHz modules as previously in Scatterpoint, except these are -22 version with around 1.5dB noise figure. They differ from the original in that they take the Tx supply from the +8V in connection. Power O/P still around +32dBm.
I also have tested modules suitable for 24GHz, these also differ from the original article in that they need LO on the low side (1/2 freq). The big advantage is that on Tx the LO is <-30dB, image <-40dB. Tx O/P +30dBm. Anyone interested please email me directly.

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