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Does that one give a reliable NMEA output ?
Trouble is Andy that I have a system that is already built. I need a part that is a direct replacement otherwise I shall have to make an entirely new system . new box, psu etc ,etc. My present GPS part has just decided to fail. There must be lots of these lying about just rusting away. I need just ONE.
Come on guys, look in your junk box.

Thanks Ed GM3SBC

Coz I've been thinking about the JT4 (and JT65 and WSPR) generation. There
is no need to actually read the time - the PPS alone is probably good
enough. You just synchronise it to the right x2:00 point and it'll run
from there...

A nice 1 PPS based GPSDO would be a good idea too - the ZAZ is already
excellent design and I have two of them, but does rely on having a good
OCXO to start with. An intermediate spec one based on a good TCXO and
giving a similar short term stability to the low cost Jupiter 10kHz design
seems to be needed. They're made commercially so it certainly possible.

We're all placing too much reliance on that Jupiter concept - and its a
single point failure if the source dries up.


On 25 November 2011 14:38, Ed <ed.murphy31@...> wrote:


Hello All,

Has anyone got a spare TU35-D140-041 GPS Rx for sale ?

1PPS and 10Khz o/p.

Its going to a good cause, a 10 Ghz JT4 Beacon.

Cheers Ed GM3SBC

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