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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the GB3TV reception report...I will try to encourage some activity on has gone quite quiet over the past month or so!

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I just found my old MFG units....

Nice day today - sunshine. So I have just installed a filter in front of the LNA to avoid damage from 13cms (thanks Simon) - both now on a 1.2m dish.

Testing it was not without problems. I can not currently hear the GB3MHL beacon - not at all, nothing, which is most worrying, a deaf RX. I can hear Bristol beacon though and some curious FM like noise where GM3MHL should be. So, naturally I thought the LNA must be oscillating owing to the poor out of band match of the new filter. Sure enough looking at it on the analyser I could see a strong signal on 1318.5 but oddly for a LNA oscillation, it seemed to peak up with the dish aimed at 60 degrees.

Putting that frequency into Google came up with GB3TV, which is what it is, and P5 strength. I have never seen it before. This reminded me that the comtech modules do a fairly poor job as a receiver. Video quality is not good.

Now - why can I no longer hear MHL and what is transmitting what sounds like wideband FM on its frequency?


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