Re: 2.4GHz Grid Parabolic antennas

Bart <shf2@...>


I use a 24 dBi grid antenna from california amplifier for ATV.
It still works fine after 7 yeras outside.
The maximum power I used with this antenna was 45W for ATV.

A few years ago there were some antenna's measured done and this was one of them. If you go to the following link you find the swr plots and the measured antenna pattern (60 sec sweep together with a 60 sec azimuth turn of 360°)
The calculated gain (22.5 dBi) was close to the specified gain

We also had good experience with antenna's from pasific wireless
regards Bart

--- In, Robert Price <g8dtf@...> wrote:

Hi All

I have been contemplating buying a WiFi Link 2.4GHz Grid parabolic antenna
(24dBi) for use on 2320MHz. Has anybody had any experience of using one of these
on 13cm? Presumably the SWR may be higher than the quoted values.



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