Re: Scatterpoint Nov-Dec 2010 edition

Peter Day <microwaves@...>

On 09/12/2010 05:57, David Jones wrote:
I've tried to get into the Scatterpoint Yahoo site, but Yahoo says
Scatterpoint does not exist.

Can somebody post me a url please? The one from the latest scatterpoint
does not work.

Hi David...

I've just checked and it works for me provided I type it into the box on the browser. However if you copy and paste from the Scatterpoint pdf file it apparently puts a space after group/ and then it won't work! I should have made sure the whole URL was on one line and not split across two. Sorry about that! Fortunately severak readers have found that out as there were 10 emaiuls from Yahoo tonight asking me to OK their registrations.


The first one should take you to the join page. The second one has the files on it

Hope it works for you now.



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