Re: Scatterpoint Nov-Dec 2010 edition

David Jones <david.g6feo@...>

I've tried to get into the Scatterpoint Yahoo site, but Yahoo says
Scatterpoint does not exist.

Can somebody post me a url please? The one from the latest scatterpoint
does not work.

Thank you,


On Wed, 2010-12-08 at 21:19 +0000, Peter Day wrote:
To all paid up members of the UK Microwave Group..

The latest edition of our newsletter Scatterpoint has been just emailed
to those on the email lists and also uploaded to the Scatterpoint Yahoo
Group site for download by UKuG members who have registered there.
Please note this is NOT a public domain site!

Some of you reading this will not get your copy this time because you
have not renewed your subs, in spite of several reminder emails from the
membership secretary ! :-(

The paper version went to the printers on Monday morning and, all being
well, should be in the hands of subscribers before the end of the week.
However please allow extra time for this to happen as there maybe delays
in the Christmas postal deliveries.

Paper readers will notice two glaring errors: Page 4 first paragraph
should read 2012, not 2010 for the EME Conference to be held in the UK
and the next to last page should say page 23 at the bottom, not page 21! :-)

These errors were only noticed yesterday when it was too late to change
them at the printers. The electronic versions have been corrected.

Peter G3PHO

Scatterpoint Editor


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